Hospital Overview

Dr. Natalya Goltyapina is a leading gynecologist dedicated to providing top-quality medical care and guidance for patients throughout the NYC Area. Born in Belarus, Dr. Goltyapin grew up in Brooklyn, NY and feels a strong attachment to the community she serves. As a private practitioner in a small-sized practice, Dr. Natalya Goltyapina offers every patient the focused, one-on-one attention they deserve for a more relaxed, patient-centered experience.

As a board-certified ob-gyn, Dr. Goltyapina offers skilled and compassionate care based on each patient’s unique needs. At her state-of-the-art office, she uses the most advanced treatment techniques for the safest, most effective care aimed at achieving optimal health and wellness. Her passion for providing top-quality patient care has made her a favorite OB-GYN among women throughout New York City, and her dedication to mastering novel techniques ensures every patient receives the best available care.

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