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11 months ago OBGYN Blog

How Is a Pap Smear Read and Analyzed

As soon as your Pap smear has been collected, it will be sent to the laboratory for interpretation (reading). Since there are many labs in the US alone and each could have its own standard interpretation, a medical terminology system was created at the National Institute of Health (NIH) in Bethesda, Maryland. The system is Read More

12 months ago OBGYN Blog

What Is a Pap Smear Test?

A Pap smear (Papanicolau smear; also known as the Pap test) is a simple and painless screening test for cervical cancer. During a routine pelvic exam, your OBGYN will collect sample cells from your cervix (the end of your uterus, that extends into the vagina). These cells are placed on a glass slide and stained Read More